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At Dynamic Talent Partners we integrate our services into your business to accelerate change and improve your business by implementing modern solutions.


Inside the box, outside the box, or whichever part of the box your business is in, we can adapt to your changing environments to provide solutions that fit any box.


Our principles have over four decades of experience in HR & IT. We provide knowledge, expertise, and a hands on approach to create and implement the best practices and solutions.


Our success comes from partnering with you, understanding your needs, and working side by side with you. We don't just give advice, we apply it, implement it, and complete the engagement along with you.

Support American Businesses

Human Resource Solutions

The labor market fluctuates with the business cycle, and when the times are good you need to be able to capture the top talent so that you can train, retain, and succeed when recessionary forces start sliding forward.

There are hundreds of business cases that show that companies that obtain top human talent are the ones that go on to define the newest lucrative, high margin business segments where companies obtain first mover advantage and construct economic moat to keep competitors away.

Off-Site Facilitation

You're ready for the off-site leadership conference. Concerned you don't have an independent, external, facilitator that can lead your organization through change management, HR best practices, talent acquisition, retention, and strategy?

With Dynamic Talent Partners you now have that important piece covered.

Human Capital Management & Strategy

Acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers -- changes are inevitable in the business landscape, so you need to be proactive about Human Capital Management & Strategy.

Its time to bring in Dynamic Talent Partners, we have worked with a broad range of business in a wide-variety of industries.

Premium Services

Your business may not need a standard service, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance with the following specialty service:

  • Interim Chief Human Resources Officer (CHrO) Service
  • HR Diversity, Sensitivity & Compliance Training
  • Organizational Downsizing/Outplacement Training

Technology Solutions

Website design, development, and implementation is often the first thing that your customers will reflect on when they consider purchasing your company's products or services.

We specialize in building revenue enhancing websites that drive customers to make "YES" purchasing decisions, stand out from your competitors, and place you at the top of the mountain where your firm will have the greatest visibility and opportunity to succeed.

Website Designs

All websites that are designed, developed, and implemented through Dynamic Talent Partners are produced, curated, and managed 100% with USA based team members, and we provide a project manager that will communicate with you in clear, concise, language to your level of technological understanding.

  • - Blog Sites -
  • - Digital Resumes -
  • - New Business introductory page -
  • - Wordpress -
  • - And many more -

Business Support Services

Once we provide you an estimate for the scope of work, we include everything to get you up and running. For clients that require the highest level of service, we can set-up separate projects for:

  • Software Testing
  • Email Management / Solutions
  • Software / Hardware Installation
  • Troubleshooting Support
  • Bookkeeping in collaboration with Mahendra Accounting

Software Testing/Coding

Businesses are complex and have specialized requirements. Our testing strategy is to try to "break" your software/website so that your customers have a flawless experience. We can also help with modifying code so that your site or application has the look and feel you are seeking.

Quickbooks Integration

Through many hours of research and testing, we have found ways for teams to be more efficient with Quickbooks. No more costly servers and virtual desktops needed. Share amongst the team and your customers knowing that files are accessible anywhere and your data is backed up on a regular basis.

Client Testimonials

From actual customers of Dynamic Talent Partners.

client image

Bobby Mahendra


"The website you created for my company helped me land a customer that had been on the fence for weeks. I sent them a link to the website, and they signed up as a customer within minutes."

Sonia Vora

Sonia Vora


"Through deep partnership, innovative creativity and strong technical capabilities, Dynamic Talent Partners helped me build the website of my dreams. I am both delighted and inspired!"

Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith

Mindset Management Inc

In regards to one of the digital resume sites, "Love your personal website, btw. Better than most corp sites!"


Here are some of our valued clients who have chosen Dynaimc Talent Partners to support their business needs.

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